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Dumpster Rental Quad Cities

Dumpster Rental Quad Cities

Bettendorf Waste Management

Waste Management in Bettendorf

Waste management in Bettendorf, Iowa is diverse enough to handle residential, commercial, and industrial waste generators and leave Bettendorf looking like a premier city.  First, lets look at residential waste removal in the City of Bettendorf.  The City of Bettendorf collects the waste from residents on a weekly curbside basis.  Garbage is collected by city vehicles as are recyclables.  The charge for this residential garbage service collection, transportation, 90 gallon cart rental, and final disposal/processing is paid by the residents on a quarterly basis.

Commercial garbage collection is performed by several local waste collectors usually under contract with local business.  Typically, business locations have a garbage bin in their parking lot or alley which is emptied on a scheduled basis.  These trash bins can be scheduled from once a month to six day per week emptying depending on the volume of garbage generated by the Bettendorf business.

Junk removal is a service provided by the City as well as several local and 1800 companies.  Junk removal is not done by the city crews every week for every resident, so residents have to contact the City of Bettendorf to learn the exact schedule.  Also, City crews will not enter residential dwellings to remove waste like the private junk collectors.