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Junk Removal

Junk Removal

Perfect for furniture, appliances, tires, etc. - we do the heavy lifting for you!

Prices start at $60 per cubic yard....Call us!

Commercial Waste

Weekly scheduled commercial waste removal service for your Quad Cities business.

2 Yard Dumpster Currently unavailable

4 Yard Dumpster Currently unavailable

6 Yard Dumpster Currently unavailable

8 Yard Dumpster Currently unavailable

6 Yard Dumpster

14 days free rent!

Dimensions Length 9' x Height 5' x Width 5'

Haul Rate $445.00*

Daily Rental Charge $10.00 per day after 14 days

Additional Tonnage Charge $44.00 per ton after 2000 pounds

10 Yard Dumpster

14 days free rent!

Dimensions Length 12' x Height 3.5' x Width 8'

Haul Rate $375 for 7 days or $425 for 14 days

Daily Rental Charge $10 per day for additional days

Additional Tonnage Charge $44.00 per ton after 2000 pounds

20 Yard Dumpster

14 days free rent!

Dimensions Length 20' x Height 4' x Width 8'

Haul Rate $$395 for 7 days or $445 for 14 days

Daily Rental Charge $10 per day for additional days

Additional Tonnage Charge $44.00 per ton after 4000 pounds

30 Yard Dumpster

14 days free rent!

Dimensions Length 20' x Height 6' x Width 8'

Haul Rate $495 for 7 days or $545 for 14 days

Daily Rental Charge $10 per day for additional days

Additional Tonnage Charge $44.00 per ton after 6000 pounds

(563) 508-0388

Easy Way To Rent Dumpsters In Davenport Iowa-  How To Find Dumpster Rental Companies Near You

There are plenty of dumpster rental companies in Davenport, Iowa, however it’s important that you pick one that delivers roll offs to your zip code.  Thankfully, this is not a difficult hurdle to clear as a quick internet search, Yahoo, Bing, Or Google using your city name or zip code will yield a good result.  Iowa City, Iowa, for example has 52722, 52801, 52803 and for its zip codes and Dumpster Rental Quad Cities serves all of these areas with promo reliable waste removal service.  In sharp contrast, you may find that some companies that display their garbage collection ads don’t have an office in Iowa, but rather are internet brokers without any trucks or containers.  Now we don’t exactly claim to be local, but we do rent roll off dumpsters to Davenport business, residents, and contractors.  Call us at (563) 508-0388 to experience some quality waste removal service.

We Can Not Accept Some Materials In Davenport, Iowa

At Dumpster Rental Quad Cities in Davenport, Ia we pride ourselves on keeping things as simple as possible, but there are a few things that we can not accept in our waste containers.  State and Federal laws prohibit the landfilling of hazardous waste such as asbestos, highly flammable materials, flammable liquids, chemicals, etc.  Also some materials such as tires, yard waste, gas cylinders, electronic waste, fluorescent tubes, etc should not be placed in a waste bin.  And always let our staff know if you’re disposing of dense materials such as dirt, concrete, shingles, brick, plastering as these materials, while not banned from area landfills, will overload collection vehicles if deposited in large quantities.  Our trucks will only haul about 8 tons of waste to the dump at one time.  Anything more will cause problems during the loading and transport phases of the operation.

It’s Always Best To Plan Ahead When It Comes To Waste Removal In Davenport, Ia

It’s true that planning ahead and truly managing the waste removal activities associated with your project will greatly benefit your progress and help keep you within budget.  For example, ordering a dumpster in Iowa City a few days prior to taking delivery of the waste equipment ensures you can get the right size dumpster for your project when you need it.  Dumpster Rental Quad Cities has a variety of sizes available, but call a few days ahead and be sure we have the right one to fit your projects needs.  It might also be worth mentioning that sometimes it makes sense to actually have your bin delivered a day prior to your loading activities taking place.  Suppose you and your crew plan to start tossing construction debris in your container early Saturday morning, well you might want to have the delivery take place on the Friday before.  This ensures you’re not waiting for the waste haulers truck to show up.

When You Have An Emergency, We’ll Do Our Best To Help

It’s not always easy to foresee a flooded basement, wind damaged roof, or a significant fire damage situation.  And as logic follows, you wouldn’t have had an opportunity to search waste collection companies in Iowa City, Iowa mush less order a dumpster for your unforeseen event.  We understand folks get into these predicaments through no fault of their own and sometimes need the help of others.  Dumpster Rental Quad Cities has had experience with fire and water damage restoration projects for quite some time and we’re willing to work with you to ensure your catastrophe gets under control.  We have large dumpsters to contain the bulky waste associated with water damage to basements or other natural disasters.  So if you’re in a bit of a waste pickle, call us at (563) 508-0388

How Do You Know When You’re Dealing With A Reliable Dumpster Rental Company In Davenport, Iowa?

There are many theories on the relationship between business and customers and we’re not going to get too philosophical, but we’ll mention a few things we believe a customer should expect from a dumpster rental company in Davenport, Iowa:

  • The waste management company should offer free quotations for waste related service to the customer. Customers should try to avoid waste companies that charge for providing estimates or quotes.
  • The garbage collection company should have a proven track record in providing the service that the customer is in need of.
  • The waste collection firm should be willing to go the extra mile for the customer. We can’t be all things to all people, but we set our alarm clocks real early in the morning and do our best to accommodate our customers waste removal needs.  So wether you’re an individual homeowner or a contractor doing a renovation at the Northpark Mall, we’re here to help you with your waste removal needs.

So there you have a few of our opinions on the relationship between waste companies and their customers.  For more information contact Dumpster Rental Quad Cities to discuss the specific needs of your project.

Did You Know That Roll Off Dumpster Rental In Davenport Has Never Been Easier?  But, You’ll Still Need To Consider A Few Things Before Ordering A Roll Off Container

It’s true that ordering a roll off container in Davenport, Iowa for construction, demo, home clean out, etc has never been easier, but there are a few things you might want to considerer prior to contacting a local garbage collection company.  Let’s organize the items first, and then we’ll get into the specifics for each of them:

  • What will you be tossing away in your rented roll off dumpster?  This is important because certain items can not be disposed of in our dumpsters, other items necessitate certain dumpster sizes, and our friendly staff can help you with both of these issues.
  • When will you need your equipment delivered to your Davenport, Iowa location? You might want to carefully considerer this question to ensure you don’t have folks waiting to load a waste container that isn’t there yet.
  • Where do you want your waste equipment placed once it arrives on your site. Our office staff and friendly drivers can help you with one if you’re not certain where you want it placed.
  • Think safety when you’re loading waste and don’t forget to contact your waste company once you’re finished and want your bin removed.

So let’s start with the question of “what will you be tossing into your waste bin”?  There are many materials that can not be disposed of in a local landfill or waste dump.  Some of those items include hazardous materials, highly flammable waste, liquid waste, motor oil, hydraulic fluid, paint, chemicals, tires, electronic waste, yard waste, etc.  Let’s just say the following items can go into a dumpster:  wood, plastics, old furniture, construction material, junk, household waste, old bicycles, toys, beds, building materials, debris.

Other materials can be dumped at landfills, but can not be hauled in large quantities as they overload waste collection trucks.  These heavy materials include dirt, concrete, brick, plastering, asphalt shingles, etc.  All of these materials can be taken to the local landfills is smaller quantities like our 10 cubic yard dumpster.  But if they’re used to fill a 20 or 30 cubic yard container, they’ll be too heavy for the truck to load and transport safely to the local dump.

And then there’s the opposite of the heavy materials mentioned above, there’s bulky waste which can be economically loaded and disposed of in out largest waste bins.  we recommend using a 20 or even a 30 cubic yard size dumpster when loading and disposing of furniture, chairs, couches, old bed springs, junk, dunnage, household garbage.  Using the larger sized dumpsters saves you money on projects where large volumes of waste must be disposed of.  It’s more economical to pay a little more up front for a large roll off container than to have a smaller dumpster emptied multiple times.

Now don’t wait until the last minute to order your bin as garbage collection companies in Davenport, Iowa sometimes run out of certain sizes during peak times of the year.  You might want to place your order early to reserve the right size container for your job.  You also might want to have your waste bin delivered to your location a day early so that it’s thee when you need to start loading waste into it.  For example, if you have a crew planning to start loading construction debris into your rented dumpster in Davenport, Iowa on Thursday morning, you might want Dumpster Rental Quad Cities to deliver your equipment on Wednesday.

Dumpster Placement and sizes in Davenport, Iowa is important to consider when ordering your service, but we can always help you decide on location once we’ve arrived at your address.   You need to understand that a roll of truck is about 36 feet long, and needs another 15n feet to set the 22’ dumpster off.  So that’s a large area which needs to be level and free from overhead obstructions such as tree branches and wires.  Parking areas, gravel areas, and roads(where allowed by the authorities) can all be good spots for your waste container.  And let’s not forget, that in addition to the needs of the local dumpster company, the bin needs to be located for convenient loading of debris to minimize your effort.  Thankfully, our experienced drivers can help our customers chose a safe and handy dumpster spot.

And last, but certainly not least, safety is paramount when loading waste.  Personal protective equipment like gloves, safety glasses, long sleeves, steel toed boots are all needed to ensure your own personal safety on the job site.  Keep children and pets clear of dumpsters and equipment throughout the life of your project.  And when using mechanical equipment or manual means to load debris be aware of your surroundings like wires, steep drop offs, etc.  And finally, please do not forget to call your friendly local dumpster Davenport, Ia rental company once you’re finished with your job and want the equipment removed from your property.

Junk removal Can Be A Cheap Alternative To Dumpsters in Davenport, Iowa

Sometimes a customer doesn’t have enough waste to justify renting a dumpster in Davenport, Iowa but still needs something removed from their property.  Well, our full service junk removal service is perfect for such a situation.  Maybe you have some junk to be removed but don’t have the space for a roll off container, don’t want to load your own waste, or have some items that can not be placed in a roll off , but can be collected by  our junk removal crews, and recycled or processed separately.  Whatever your reason for renting a dumpster in Davenport, Iowa or having junk removal in Dumpster Rental Quad Cities is here to help (563) 508-0388