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Junk Removal

Junk Removal

Perfect for furniture, appliances, tires, etc. - we do the heavy lifting for you!

Prices start at $60 per cubic yard

Commercial Waste

Weekly scheduled commercial waste removal service for your Quad Cities business.

2 Yard Dumpster Currently unavailable

4 Yard Dumpster Currently unavailable

6 Yard Dumpster Currently unavailable

8 Yard Dumpster Currently unavailable

6 Yard Dumpster

14 days free rent!

Dimensions Length 9' x Height 5' x Width 5'

Haul Rate $495.00

Daily Rental Charge $10.00 per day after 14 days

Additional Tonnage Charge $44.00 per ton after 2000 pounds

10 Yard Dumpster

14 days free rent!

Dimensions Length 12' x Height 3.5' x Width 8'

Haul Rate $545.00

Daily Rental Charge $10.00 per day after 14 days

Additional Tonnage Charge $44.00 per ton after 4000 pounds

20 Yard Dumpster

14 days free rent!

Dimensions Length 20' x Height 4' x Width 8'

Haul Rate $595.00

Daily Rental Charge $10.00 per day after 14 days

Additional Tonnage Charge $44.00 per ton after 6000 pounds

30 Yard Dumpster

14 days free rent!

Dimensions Length 20' x Height 6' x Width 8'

Haul Rate $645.00

Daily Rental Charge $10.00 per day after 14 days

Additional Tonnage Charge $44.00 per ton after 8000 pounds

(563) 508-0388

East Moline, Illinois 61244 Waste Management Dumpster Rental- Best Way To Find Local Garbage Company

When it comes to roll off dumpster rental in East Moline, Illinois, you’ll need to find a reliable local waste management company.  We have some suggestions to separate the good waste collection companies in East Moline from the bad ones.  Here are a few areas which you might want to concentrate on:

  1. Is the garbage company you are considering a local business or an internet broker?  It is important that customers realize that not all companies that advertise on the internet are actually waste haulers.  Some of them are just telemarketing companies who don’t own any trucks, aren’t local, and just subcontract what they sell to real garbagemen after tacking on a hefty middle-man charge.
  2. Ask friends and neighbors if they know any local dumpster rental companies in East Moline, Il. Maybe some of them have had a great experience renting a roll off in East Moline.  And they can inform you about the charges and specific information that you might need to know.
  3. Refer to your local business phone directory, if you can find it. You’ll need to dust if off first as not too many folks actually read these things anymore.  But if you don’t have the internet on your desktop computer or smartphone, you might need to use a telephone directory.
  4. Ask the waste firms how long they’ve been in business, where their office and shop is located, and be sure they are willing to provide you with an over-the-phone dumpster rental quote.

Well those are just a few ideas regarding the vetting of waste companies in your area.  For more information contact Dumpster Rental Quad Cities at (563) 508-0388

Small Dumpsters Beat The Dumpster Bag In East Moline, Il 

Maybe you’ve seen dumpster bags advertised on the internet or television and are wondering if they would be right for your project.  well lets take a look at some of the advantages of dumpster bags:

  1. They are rent free- In other words, you buy the bag an can typically keep it as long as you wish because it’s yours.  And because it’s yours, you don’t need tom pay rental fees to keep it.
  2. You can store these bags in your home or garage and use them when you want to use them.
  3. These bags don’t take up the amount of space that a large roll off contains takes up.

But dumpster babe do have their drawbacks and we’ll discuss them too:

  1. Dumpster bags only hold about three cubic yards and that’s just a fraction of what you can fit in a large metal dumpster.  Having 10 bags picked up rather than one 30 yard bin can be cost prohibitive.
  2. Dumpster bags are made from material that isn’t nearly as rigid as steel, so loading them isn’t nearly as easy.
  3. The customer places the bag where he/she sees fit, with some guidance from written instructions that come with most bags. This can lead to problems if the collection truck can’t access the full bag.

So those are the pros and cons of the dumpster bag vs the traditional metal bins and while East Moline, Illinois is home to the East Moline Correctional Center and the United Township High School, it’s not home to the dumpster bag.  Dumpster Rental Quad Cities provides several waste collection services in your area, call us (563) 508-0388

Junk Removal In East Moline, Il 61257- A Viable Alternative To Roll Off Dumpsters

Some folks just don’t have enough junk to justify paying for a ginormous metal trash container and for those folks we have the perfect alternative- junk removal service East Moline, Illinois.  So lets look at some of the main reasons our full service junk removal is popular:

  • Customer doesn’t have the volume of junk to justify the cost of a large metal bin.
  • Customer location doesn’t have the space to fit a dumpster or can’t afford to block their driveway for an extended period of time.
  • Customer has waste items that can not be placed in a rented dumpster, but can be recycled/processed by our junk removal crew. Some of these items include appliances, tires, grass clippings, stoves, electronic waste such as computers.
  • Customer doesn’t want to load their wast debris and would rather pay for a junk removal crew to do the heavy lifting.
  • Customer doesn’t want neighbors or folks passing by to fill their container or rifle through the personal belongings already placed in the rented dumpster.

So whatever your reason for wanting a full service junk removal crew to do their business, you now have a local option for those small to medium junk removal projects.  Why pay more for a 1800 junk removal company when you can save by going local?  Call Dumpster Rental Quad Cities at (563) 508-0388

Several Step Process For Economical Waste Removal

Dumpster rental in East Moline, Illinois, home of the Quad Cities Baloon Festival, is as easy as flying a kite.   But there are a few issues you’ll need to think through prior to contacting Dumpster Rental Quad Cities.  Here are some of those items:

  • What kind of debris are you planning to toss into the rented dumpster?
  • How much junk do you have that needs to be hauled away?
  • How soon do you need the metal trash bin delivered to your location?
  • What is the best way to select a local dumpster rental company in East Moline?
  • How does one safely load a roll off bin and what safety measures need to be taken?

So lets start with the question you’ll first be asked by any waste hauling firm-  “what will you be tossing into our dumpster?”  The garbage company will ask this question as many waste streams aren’t allowed in Illinois Sanitary landfills.  Hazardous waste, batteries, tires, liquids, yard waste electronic waste, florescent tubes, ballasts, dead bodies, nuclear bombs, etc can not be placed in a dumpster for landfill disposal.  Additionally, some materials like dirt, cinder block, plastering, concrete can only be placed in dumpsters in small quantities as they will overload some of our larger roll offs.  These dense wastes must be placed inner smaller 10 yard dumpsters to ensure they can be safely and legally transported to the disposal facility.

Our trained office staff will also make money saving suggestions once they are informed about the type of waste you intend to dispose of.  For example, bulky furniture, light wood and packaging can be placed in our giant 30 yard roll offs to save the customer the cost of paying for multiple trips with the smaller sizes.  Also, if you’re disposing of loads that are completely concrete or wood, we might be able to set you up with a recycling plan which can save you money on the disposal portion of your charges.

The volume of your anticipated waste is something that you’ll need to calculate.  Calculate?  Maybe if you’re a geeky engineer…the rest of us really just guesstimate.  At any rate, heres a rule of thumb that might help- A pickup truck with an 8 foot bed, and just about everyone in Mercer County, Illinois can relate to pickup trucks, can hold about 2 and a half cubic yards of trash.  So a 30 yard dumpster can hold the equivalent of roughly a dozen pickup truck loads of trash to the landfill.  And who wants to visit the smelly dump a dozen times?

So once you’ve pulled the trigger on that dumpster order and the trash/dumpster mobile shows up at your pad, what do you do?  Don’t panic, you’re in good hands with Dumpster Rental Quad Cities.  Our drivers are trained and experienced at working with our customer to find the optimal spot for dumpster placement.  They will be looking for a hard level area which is free from overhead obstructions like electrical wires and tree branches.  The dumpster trucks are 35’ long and need a whole bunch of space to maneuver to bin into its final resting place, but it’s what we do so we’ll git r done to your satisfaction while keeping safety in mind.  And of course in addition to all of our constraints and limitations, we understand that our customer desire the container to be placed in close proximity of where the trash is located to limit their time and effort in loading the waste.  Relax and stay calm, we have delivered about 28,000 dumpsters since 2001 and we’ll find the right spot for yours.

Oh and one more thing with respect to dumpster delivery, you’ll need to determine when you want yours.  Some folks will order a dumpster and expect it to be delivered at 8:00 am, just nano seconds prior to their filling it.  Problem is that there might be three other people who also want their bin delivered at the same time.  A confession- We’re not that good!  We can guarantee a dumpster delivery on a particular day, but not an exact time.  So get that dumpster delivered a day before you actually need it to ensure it’s there when you and your posse are ready to attack the garbage removal task.

So we talked earlier about the correct process for selection the right dumpster rental company in East Moline, Illinois, Illinois.  Well after having drove a garbage truck for the past 12 hours, I’m not really in the mood write a more paragraphs about the merits of Dumpster Rental Quad Cities and the pit-falls of selecting any of the others.  So I’ll just suggest you call us at (563) 508-0388 and my beautiful wife will take your dumpster order.

Always think SAFETY when loading your rented dumpster in East Moline.  Safety goggles, steel toes, long sleeves, reflective vest, etc might seem a bit of overkill, but might prevent an injury.  Don’t underestimate the importance of safety when loading your bin…

What To Do Once You’re Finished With Your Dumpster In East Moline, Il

Once you’re finished with your project and want your roll off container removed and not returned, simply call us at (563) 508-0388 and we’ll come and haul your debris away.  But don’t forget to call, you don’t want to be paying daily rental on equipment that you’re not even using, do you?

Some Other Waste Management Services In Your Area

Dumpster Rental Quade Cities provides dumpster rental and junk removal in East Moline, Illinois, but there are many services that are provided by others in your area.  Let’s just list those:

  • Residential curbside collection of garbage and recycling. This service is provided on a weekly basis in East Moline and is usually scheduled on the same day of the week every week unless there is a holiday.  Sometimes on holidays the collection day is one day later than usual if your garbage collection day falls on or after the holiday.  You should consult with your residential garbage collection company to find the exact schedule for your East Moline, Illinois neighborhood.
  • Commercial waste collection using 2 to 8 yard front-load or rear-load bins for both garbage and recycling. This service is typically provided under contract for restaurants, offices, apartment complexes, gas stations, grocery stores, etc.  There are several local garbage collection companies who compete for this service.
  • Roll off or dumpster rental service in East Moline, Il is provided on a long-term or temporary basis. It can also be scheduled or “on call” depending on a waste generator’s needs and waste generation schedule.  One example of a long-term scheduled account might be a large store with a stationary or self-contained waste compaction system.  The vast majority of the dumpster business performed in East Moline is simply one-off roll off containers delivered to homes or job sites.
  • There are many waste recycling activities performed in your area, from curbside collection of residential recyclables to scrap metal recycling. Landrum Disposal makes available concrete and wood recycling where these materials can be kept free from contaminates.  Often times recycling activities not only save valuable landfill airspace, but can also save customers money as landfill charges are avoided.
  • Sanitary landfill operations are not currently provided in close proximity to East Moline. However there are a few Illinois Environmental Protection Agency approved facilities within a half hours drive of your area.  Both private and county operated landfills exist within the region.  You should contact them before using their facilities to learn their rules regarding the tapping of loads, operating hours, holiday schedules, special waste policies, banned wastes, etc.

So whether you require a 4 yard rear-load container for your business, landfill services for doing things yourself, or weekly curbside garbage collection for home, there are a plethora of options available to you. 

Dumpster Rental Quad Cities Appreciates East Moline, Il Customers

Ya, really just a note about Dumpster Rental Quad Cities and our ideas regarding customer service and appreciation.  We’re a small family operated company with no desire to become a large waste management company.  We’re pleased to provide for our employees and their families.  And we understand that this can only be made possible through taking care of our customers.  We don’t take for granted the folks who provide revenue to pay our bills, buy fuel for our trucks, make payroll, put a roof over our own heads.  When you do business with us you wont find bureaucracy or a corporate attitude, but rather you’ll experience a friendly atmosphere and family gratitude.

Residential Garbage Collection In East Moline, Illinois 61256

Dumpster Rental Quad Cities does not currently provide weekly residential curbside garbage collection in East Moline, Illinois.  But other waste companies in your area do this service and also provide residential curbside recycling service.  Some residential services are provided in Illinois by side load garbage truck which dump 90 gallon carts for garbage removal.  Sometimes the garbage company provides smaller garbage carts for folks who generate less waste or smaller bins for weekly curbside residential recycling.  Contact your city for more information on weekly garbage collection or recycling schedules and to find out about which commodities might be included in the recycling programs.  Also, many local garbage collection companies ask that your trash be out on the curb by a certain time to avoid having the garbage collection vehicles drive by before your waste is set out. 

Commercial Waste Collection And Recycling

I know its been mentioned before, but just a few items regarding waste collection in East Moline, Il before we end this post.  There are some waste services that Landrum Disposal does not provide in your area.  We provide dumpster rental in East Moline, Il but currently the following services are provided by others:

  • Commercial waste collection using semi automated front-load or rear-load garbage trucks.  These systems incorporate hydraulically powered dumping mechanisms on collection vehicles with detachable metal or plastic garbage containers.  Typically, these small garbage bins, ranging from 90 gallons to 8  or 10 cubic yards are left at, and emptied into the garbage collection truck, at the customer’s location.  On board compaction systems enable the garbage trucks to significantly reduce the volume of collected garbage and reduce trips to the local landfill.
  • Recycling of plastic, paper, cardboard is available for business and government offices. Metal recycling is also provided in the East Moline, Il area by private recycling companies.  These recyclers take everything from scrap metal arising out of manufacturing/fabrication operations to old junk cars.
  • Dumpster rental and junk removal for both commercial locations and job sites in East Moline. This roll off service is usually provided on an “on call” basis by private garbage and dumpster rental companies.

In closing, Dumpster Rental Quad Cities provides reliable junk removal and roll off dumpster rental in East Moline, Illinois and surrounding areas.  Contact us for additional information about our waste management services in your area.