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Dumpster Rental Quad Cities

Dumpster Rental Quad Cities

Quad Cities Landfills- Where Does Your Garbage Go?

Several Landfills In The Quad Cities Area

There is currently no shortage of waste haulers or landfill airspace in the Quad Cities area.  Rock Island County alone has two privately owned sanitary landfills with many years of projected life remaining.  And on the other side of the Mississippi, Scott County, Iowa has the Scott Area Landfill, also with years of life remaining at current volumes.

Outside the Quad City area, but not too far away there are landfills in Atkinson, Illinois, Clinton, Iowa, Muscatine, Iowa and even a waste transfer station in Muscatine.  To the north, a waste transfer station in Jackson County, Iowa and a Landfill in Dubuque, Iowa.

Recycling Also Robust In Quad City Area

Recycling in the Quad City area is alive and well, being done by both private and public sectors.  The Scott County Recycling Center, located at 5640 Carey Avenue Davenport, Iowa is a shining example of an automated recycling center.  This state-of-the-art material processing center is used in conjunction with the All-In curbside recycling center which is enjoyed by most of Scott County’s residents.  Plastics, glass, metal, paper, etc are all collected together by automated recycling collection vehicles and separated/recycled by a fully automated recycling center.

Of course the area has a plethora of metal recyclers, some of which have been around service the area’s industry for decades.  Some of the private waste collectors also have recycling capabilities for both the volumes of materials collected by their routes and materials collected by others.

And Then There’s Garbage Collection

And the garbage collection is done by both private waste management companies and the local municipalities.  As a general rule, commercial waste collection in Moline, Davenport, Rock Island, and Bettendorf is serviced by the private waste collectors.  While residential garbage collection is often collected by municipalities in the densely populated areas with scattered rural routes being collected by private garbage companies under subscription arrangements with homeowners.

Dumpster rental in the Quad Cities area is provided by the private sector only.  Junk removal in Moline, Illinois and other cities provided by private companies with the municipalities often providing residential dwellings with bulky waste collection at the curbside.

commercial waste management dumpster

Rear Load Dumpsters Found Behind Commercial Business’ In Quad Cities Area