How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Dumpster?

6 yard dumpster sits at Moline, Illinois location

Folks Are Always Asking, How Much Is Dumpster Rental In The Quad Cities?

Well dumpster rental in the Quad Cities is a competitive business with many waste management firms who compete for your business.  Some roll off dumpster companies specialize in temporary dumpster rental services in Moline Illinois, Davenport Iowa and the rest of the Quad Cities area.  While other waste management companies provide several other services such as front load commercial garbage collection.  This containerized collection is often provided on a scheduled basis with dumpsters being emptied on site on pre determined days each week.  Other services provided by local waste haulers include residential curb side garbage collection, which may or may not be automated with 90 gallon refuse carts.  So the point is some waste service providers do only roll off dumpsters while others provide a variety of services.

But you came here for the theory behind dumpster rental prices in Davenport, Iowa, not curbside recycling of your home’s waste, so here goes-  Dumpster rental prices in Moline, Illinois or any other city depend on a variety of factors:

  • Dumpster size is always a variable in pricing as big dumpsters tend to cost more to service/haul than smaller roll off bins.  A 30 cubic yard dumpster might necessitate a tandem axle roll off truck for transportation to your location and to the landfill whereas a 10 cubic yard roll off might be services by a smaller single axle vehicle.  So assuming a big truck costs more to operate than a smaller one, and i think that’s a safe assumption, the cost of renting bigger dumpsters would logically be more.
  • The type of debris you eventually toss into your dumpster also effects the cost of the waste hauler to provide you dumpster rental service.  Suppose you put brick and dirt into your rented roll off container in Geneseo, Illinois and the landfill charges based on tonnage, which they do.  Well the cost of dumping that load at the local sanitary landfill could actually be great than the cost of disposing of 20 cubic yards of household junk.  So most haulers charge a bit more for the heavy loads in an effort to cover all their costs.  After all, landfill disposal costs can be significant for waste haulers in the Quad Cities area.
  • The time you keep your roll off box might effect your total cost of renting your dumpster in Rock Island, Illinois.  Dumpsters cost the waste haulers in the Quad Cities area thousands of dollars a piece and then there’s the cost to paint them, weld them, store them, etc.  So many local waste companies include a week or so worth of rental charges in the initial haul rate, but then charge a daily rental fee after a set period of time.  The excess daily rental charges can be avoided or at least reduced by planning your project to minimize the days your rented equipment is kept on site.  And by all means, don’t forget to call your waste company and inform them when you’re finished wth your bin-They can not read your mind, so unless plans to remove equipment have already been pre determined and conveyed to you hauler, you’ll definitely need to contact them to schedule removal of equipment.
  • I’d be kidding myself and doing you an injustice if I were to leave out this one- Haulers, like most other businesses, charge differently when compared to one another.  Some waste haulers have lower cost structures than others, some provide service superior service, some have newer more reliable trucks and dumpsters, some pay drivers a living wage while others hire fools who drive dangerously.  All of this effects the prices they ultimately charge to you, the waste generator.  So it’s up to you to find your own balance between value and price, reliability and savings.  You’ll need to investigate and determine which contractors increase your level of frustration with their out-of-town call centers and bureaucracy vs reliable companies who deliver well maintained dumpsters on time using safe drivers, etc.  And i’d suggest that you actually make your own decisions based on your own common sense or discussions with your friends and neighbors rather than relying on Angie’s List, Home Advisor, Better Business Bureau, Yelp, etc as all of these entities, many who claim to investigate and find the perfect contractor, are really of little use.  So ask around locally and don’t believe half of what you read on the internet, and you might just find a dumpster rental company in the Quad Cities that you can count on.

So for exact prices and details on you next project, contact us and we’ll give you the rundown on our dumpster sizes, dimensions, prices, etc.  We deliver roll off dumpsters to the entire Quad Cities including Moline, Davenport, Bettendorf, Rock Island, Milan, Reynolds, Geneseo, DeWitt, Clinton, Muscatine, etc.

Dumpster Rental Quad Cities

When it comes to dumpster rental in the Quad Cities area, we have you covered

We have been in the dumpster rental business in the Quad Cities area for over 15 years and plan to be in it for many more years.  During our operating history, we’ve delivered thousands of dumpsters to Rock Island, Illinois and have done waste management in Milan, Illinois.  We don’t provide all services, but here’s a list of the services provided by us and other waste management companies in the Quad Cities area:

  1. Dumpster rental in Bettendorf, Iowa
  2. Sanitary landfills and recycling centers in Scott County, Iowa
  3. Commercial waste collection from businesses in Davenport,Iowa
  4. Residential curbside waste collection in Scott County, Iowa and Rock Island County, Illinois
  5. Front load dumpsters and waste bins for restaurants, office buildings, apartment complexes in Moline, Illinois
  6. Concrete and wood recycling
  7. Cardboard recycling dumpsters and commercial waste bins
  8. Roll off containers in the Quad Cities


So these are some of the services provided by the local waste haulers in the Quad Cities area and some of the waste companies  who operate in the area are:

County Waste

Republic Services

Millenium Waste

Consumer waste

Jackson Disposal

Landrum Disposal

Dumpster Rental Davenport Iowa LLC

Jerry’s Disposal

Red Star Roll Off and Disposal Service

Dump Box

Wee Dump

Petersen Disposal

Conrad Disposal

D & D Dumpsters

Junk Removal Quad Cities

Better Roll-Off Services

J & J Roll Off Service

Zichuhr Roll Off Disposal Service

River Valley Disposal

Dumpster Rental Quad Cities

So there are some of the waste services and a few companies in the area and here are a few landmarks and points of interest in the Quad Cities area:

I 74 Bridge

Quad City International Airport

Quad City Storm

Quad-Cities Style Pizza

Moline Dispatch

Rock Island Argus

Gilda’s Club of the Quad Cities

Quad Cities Convention & Visitors Bureau

Palmer College of Chiropractic

St Ambrose University

6 yard dumpster sits at Moline, Illinois location




Choosing A Reliable Waste Management Company

6 yard dumpster sits at Milan, Illinois location

Selecting The Right Dumpster Company In The Quad Cities Area

Choosing the right dumpster company in Bettendorf, Davenport, Moline, or Rock Island doesn’t have to be difficult- It’s actually as easy as ordering a pizza once you’ve done your homework.   The internet can make the process of finding a reliable waste management company as easy as clicking a mouse and making a single phone call, but it can also be confusing, frustrating, and expensive as many companies advertising on the net aren’t really what they pretend to be.  Internet trash brokers, claiming to be local companies, have found a way to scam Quad Cities residents and business owners into placing dumpster rental orders at high prices with hidden fees and poor service with entities who really aren’t local and don’t have any trucks.  These brokers sell dumpsters at inflated prices to unsuspecting customers, then attempt to sub contract the actual dumpster delivery to local waste haulers.  Problem is, the broker doesn’t always convey the right information to the subcontractor, leaving the customer less than satisfied when dumpsters don’t arrive on time or aren’t placed in the desired location.  So the moral of the story is make certain you’re doing business with a true local waste company before placing an order.

The Quad Cities has a plethora of reliable waste management firms, some specialize in dumpster rental, some in residential waste collection, some only provide recycling services, and others provide all services from commercial garbage collection to co mingled recycling collection.  Dumpster Rental Quad Cities focuses on junk removal and roll off dumpster rental.  This focus enables us to provide the highest quality dumpster rental in the area as evidenced by the level of satisfaction expressed by our first-time and repeat customers.

The Best Companies Are Part Of The Quad Cities Community

Wether its waste removal, red mix concrete, restaurants, or manufacturers, the best companies to do business with are those who value the communities in which they operate.  We strive to be part of the Quad Cities community, to add value to the area, to operate in an ethical way to enhance our customer’s experience and the quality of life for all residents of this area.  We think we’re hitting our mark, but are always receptive to constructive criticism from folks who think we can do better.   So wether you choose to do business with our small garbage collection company or a nation wide waste removal company, you’d be well service to spend your money with a firm that treats it’s customers and employees fairly, respects the role of government/laws/regulations, and gives back to the Quad Cities area.

It’s All About Reliability

The bottom line is, will your dumpster be delivered on time, placed in the right location, without damage to your fence/house/car parked in the driveway, etc.  The caliber of drivers behind the wheel of America’s trucks isn’t what it used to be as we’re experiencing a nation wide driver shortage.  So companies need to pay a little more, charge a little more to ensure the quality of their workforce is conducive to the safe operation  of large dumpster delivery trucks.  Dumpster rental in the Quad Cities isn’t cheap, so you deserve a professional and experienced driver to show up in exchange for your hard earned money.  Dumpster Rental Quad Cities hires and trains only quality drug tested individuals who meet all Iowa Department of Transportation requirements to maneuver our well maintained vehicles through the tight alleyways of the Quad Cities area.

Muscatine, Iowa Garbage Collection- We Do Dumpster Rental Right

6 yard dumpster sits at Muscatine location

When it comes to garbage collection in Muscatine, we do dumpster rental right!

Wether your in need of a big or small dumpster or just a one-time junk removal, we can help.  Muscatine Iowa, home of the Musco Lighting, Heinz, HNI, Pine Creek Grist Mill, Muscatine Art Center, Discovery Park, etc, has a need for professional waste management and garbage collection service.  Dumpster Rental Quad Cities service is second to none in the area as we’re just a small family operated business.

Dumpster rental or junk removal in Muscatine

Muscatine has many types of waste management services including commercial waste collection, weekly curbside residential garbage collection, roll off dumpster service, landfill, waste transfer station, recycling of cardboard, etc.  We provide roll off dumpster rental and junk removal to homes and business in Muscatine and surrounding areas.  For more information about our services, please call (563) 508-0388


Big And Small Dumpster Rental- Roll Off Dumpsters Davenport, Bettendorf, Moline, Quad Cities

6 yard dumpster sits at Quad Cities location

Big Or Small Dumpster Rental In Rock Island, Davenport, Bettendorf, Cordova, Geneseo, Moline, Eldridge, LeClaire, Silvis

When it comes to dumpster rental in the Quad Cities, we’re the clear choice.  So lets discuss some specific roll off sizes and Cities where we’ve provided quality waste management services over the past several years.  First, there’s Moline, Illinois home of the Quad City International Airport, the Tax Slayer Center, Butterworth Center & Deere-Wiman House, Warton Field House, and South Park Mall.  With all of these attractions, there must be a lot of waste to be collected, transported and landfilled or recycled.  We also provide junk removal services to Moline, Illinois residences and we have the following examples:

*Hot tub removal

*Refrigerator and appliance removal

*Tire removal and disposal/processing

*Trash hauling and removal in Moline, Il

So our dumpster rental and junk removal services are also provided in Davenport, Iowa, home of the Figge Art Museum, Vader Veer Botanical Garden, Freight House Farmers Market, Village of East Davenport, etc.  We have rented thousands of 20 cubic yard dumpsters in the City of Davenport for both area business and residential dwellings.  Here are some examples of how Davenport, Iowa residents have used these roll off containers:

  1. 6 Cubic yard dumpster used for bathroom remodels in Scott County, Iowa.
  2. 10 yard roll off used for concrete recycling and driveway removal.
  3. 20 cubic yard roll off great for asphalt roofing shingle tear off up to 40 squares of single layer.
  4. 30 yard roll off for commercial construction and industrial locations in Davenport, Iowa.

Out in beautiful Geneseo, Illinois, home of the Maple Leafs, waste management services are plentiful.  We don’t provide all of these services, but the fine folks ion Geneseo, Illinois can receive the following from private or public entities:

*Commercial garbage collection in Geneseo.  Yes, Geneseo business often times used containerized waste removal to ensure their stores are free from  garbage.

*Residential weekly scheduled curbside garbage removal

*Residential recycling service

*Junk removal in Geneseo, Il and surrounding locations.


Eldridge, Iowa has a plethora of waste removal options

Yes if you’re living in Eldridge, Iowa, you might receive professional waste removal services ranging from dumpster rental to weekly curbside collection of residential garbage.  Generally speaking, residential waste services in Eldridge have been provided by private waste collectors over the years through a contract with The City of Eldridge.  Whereas waste services such as dumpster rental and junk removal have been provided through private transactions directly between waste companies and residents.  Scott County Iowa has several small cities where residents receive weekly garbage collection provided by private waste collectors. here a just a few of those cities:  LeClaire Iowa, Maysville, Durant Iowa, Princeton Iowa, Parkview, Buffalo Iowa, Blue Grass Iowa, etc.  Private waste haulers also provide containerized scheduled collection of commercial waste in these cities.

Dumpster Rental Davenport- Why Ordering A Roll Off IN Davenport Has Never Been Easier

Cheap Dumpster Rental Davenport, Iowa

Best Dumpster Rental In Davenport, Iowa

Renting A Roll Off Dumpster Has Never Been Easier

When you contact a local dumpster rental company in Davenport, Iowa, dumpster rental becomes as easy as ordering a pizza.  Davenport, Iowa home of the Davenport West Falcons, The Putnam Museum, Centennial Bridge, Quad City River Bandits, Figge Art Musuem, and NorthPark Mall has a plethora of options when it comes to waste management activities.  From the Scott Area Landfill to local garbage companies which provide  waste management services, you have a wide variety of waste service providers.  Here are some of the local waste management activities:

  1. Dumpster rental in Davenport, Bettendorf, Eldridge, LeClaire, Iowa.
  2. Commercial waste collection for office complexes, strip malls, schools, apartments, restaurants, museums, office buildings, municipal buildings, local Davenport business, etc.
  3. Scott Area landfill
  4. Co Mingled Recyclable collection for Scott County Iowa residents.
  5. Co Mingled recycling center
  6. Residential curbside garbage collection for Davenport and Bettendorf Iowa residents.
  7. Roll off dumpster delivery
  8. Dumpster Rental Davenport, Iowa

Junk Removal Davenport, Iowa

And when it comes to junk removal in Davenport, Iowa, their several options.  One option is to contact the City of Davenport Public Works Department to see what they can collect.  Another option is to contact us at (563) 508-0388 to schedule our junk collection crew to come to your Davenport business or home to rid your life of clutter.

Dumpster Rental Moline- Three Reasons Local Moline Dumpster Companies Are Better

Cheap Dumpster Rental Moline Illinois

Cheap Dumpster Rental In Moline, Illinois

Three Reasons To Choose Local For Dumpster Rental In Moline, Illinois

There are several local dumpster rental companies in Moline, Illinois and even more companies who can rent a dumpster in the Moline area, but aren’t necessarily locally based with trucks and drivers ready to serve you.  So why go local for waste management services fro your Moline Business or home?  We give you three reasons.

Go Local And Keep Your Money In The Quad Cities

When you spend a dollar with a local waste management firm, your dollar gets recirculated within the community, creating jobs and opportunities for you and your neighbors.  Now you can’t always purchase all goods and services in Moline, but you can find some reputable companies from which dumpsters can be rented.  You’ll understand this first point if you have a local moline, Illinois business or maybe even if you work at a local small business.  Don’t send your money out of town if you don’t have to.

Local Waste Management Companies Understand Local Moline Conditions

It’s true that we local companies understand local Moline, Illinois conditions and this can be important for several reasons.  For example the I 74 Bridge can be congested and create delays at peak travel times, but internet waste brokers won’t understand this and this could cause delays for customer’s projects.  Dumpsters freeze in  the winter time in the midwest and have to be thawed out or dug out by machinery.  Just another factor which wouldn’t be understood by a order taker in Florida or Arizona.  And then there are landmarks like the Moline High School, Tax Slayer Center, John Deere Pavilion, etc.

Cut Out The Middleman

The fact is that if you use an out of town waste broker, you’ll be paying more as they’ll simply tack on a fee to the local haulers rates.  Not only will you be paying more, but the communication won’t be as good as you won’t be discussing your needs with thew firm that ultimately provides you with the dumpster rental service.  So take our advice, cut out the middle man, and go directly with the local garbage company.

Bettendorf Waste Management

Waste Management in Bettendorf

Waste management in Bettendorf, Iowa is diverse enough to handle residential, commercial, and industrial waste generators and leave Bettendorf looking like a premier city.  First, lets look at residential waste removal in the City of Bettendorf.  The City of Bettendorf collects the waste from residents on a weekly curbside basis.  Garbage is collected by city vehicles as are recyclables.  The charge for this residential garbage service collection, transportation, 90 gallon cart rental, and final disposal/processing is paid by the residents on a quarterly basis.

Commercial garbage collection is performed by several local waste collectors usually under contract with local business.  Typically, business locations have a garbage bin in their parking lot or alley which is emptied on a scheduled basis.  These trash bins can be scheduled from once a month to six day per week emptying depending on the volume of garbage generated by the Bettendorf business.

Junk removal is a service provided by the City as well as several local and 1800 companies.  Junk removal is not done by the city crews every week for every resident, so residents have to contact the City of Bettendorf to learn the exact schedule.  Also, City crews will not enter residential dwellings to remove waste like the private junk collectors.

Commercial Waste Collection Quad Cities- Every Quad City Business Needs Reliable Waste Management Service

Dumpster Service In Moline, Illinois

Commercial Waste Collection In Bettendorf, Moline, Davenport, Rock Island

When it comes to commercial waste collection in Moline, Illinois or anywhere in the Quad Cities, area business needs to contract out their waste removal service with a reliable local waste collection company.  Restaurants have an especially important stake in finding a reliable garbage company that provides clean garbage containers with lids, etc as they are closely watched by the Scott County and Rock Island County Health Departments.  Trash enclosures with spilled debris and sloppy garbage, containers which are overflowing, dumpsters without lids or holes rusted into their sides are all health department violations.

The Quad Cities has an abundance of waste haulers which provide garbage removal service for both residents and business.  These waste management companies range from local mom and pop waste haulers to gigantic publicly traded waste services companies.  Both large and small garbage companies can provide quality waste collection service for business, but a business owner should choose their vendors carefully.  Best value for money service is what most business managers look for and this doesn’t always mean using the service or buying goods from the lowest priced supplier.  Nobody wants to pay more than they have to, but saving money on waste removal service by choosing a garbage company that misses container collections isn’t desirable either.  A professional waste removal firm should have well maintained trucks and containers, safe drivers who pass all DOT requirements including physicals and especially drug testing.  Office personal should be helpful and knowledgeable and most of all, they should be available.   In some Counties haulers are to be registered with local waste authorities so the waste customer may want to check with local regulations to ensure compliance.


Dumpster Size And Service Frequency Is Paramount

A business must carefully consider such factors as dumpster size and service frequency.  As a general rule, large containers being emptied less frequent can add up to big savings when compared to smaller bins being emptied several times a week.  This is because truck operating costs are relatively high and frequent dumping of containers consumes valuable/costly truck time, fuel, tires, repairs, etc.  But infrequent servicing of waste bins isn’t always practical, take a restaurant as an example- They need to have their waste collected and hauled away two or three times a week to eliminate odors, paste, insects, etc.  An 8 cubic yard container dumped once a monty might be the best solution for a business without food waste, but it doesn’t work for a local restaurant in the Quad Cities summer months.

Loose stops are actually needed in some parts of the down town areas where alley space is not available for waste dumpsters.  New York City is a prime example of where carting companies collect garbage without the benefits of containerization.  There are a few spots or business locations in Moline, Bettendorf, downtown Davenport where loose bags are collected.  More common is a situation where 90 gallon carts are kept in local business/shops and wheeled out just prior to waste collection.

Contracts Are Often Used For Commercial Waste Collection

Local business owners are often asked to sign a multi year contract to stars service with a waste hauler.  A contract spells out the obligations of the business owner/waste generator and some of the obligations of the waste hauler.  Contracts are reasonable in the waste business as garbage companies do have to make significant investments in waste dumpsters, compaction systems, garbage collection vehicles, landfills, recycling centers, etc.  But contracts should be carefully reviewed by waste generators as they can be somewhat one sided and confusing.  Some contracts for waste collection have an initial term of several years and self-renew unless they are cancelled in writing during a certain time prior to the expiration of the initial term.  Additionally, some waste haulers add on extra fees for container maintenance, fuel, administrative fees, container delivery, etc.  In some instances extra charges are justified, but the waste generator should understand the charges as well as the obligations of both parties.

Customer Service Quad Cities- Waste Management Dumpster Customers Are King

Waste Management Quad Cities

Waste Management Is All About Customer Service

Waste Management Dumpster Customers Are Like Royalty To Small Garbage Companies In Quad City Area

You see, service is all a garbage collection company in the Quad Cities or any other area really has to sell.  Nice trucks, professional drivers, polite office staff, timely service are all we’re evaluated on a a local dumpster rental firm.  Similar to Moline, Illinois hotels, restaurants in  Bettendorf, auto dealers in Davenport, etc, we only have our reputation and quality level of service to sell to our valued customer.

Doing What We Promise To Do In Bettendorf, Iowa

You only have your name and reputation as you travel through life as an individual.  And similarly, that’s all we have as a dumpster rental business in Bettendorf.  We treat someone right, and they’ll tell a neighbor about us.  We treat someone wrong and they’ll tell all their neighbors about us.  So delivering on promises is paramount in the waste removal business, especially in a relatively small area like the Quad Cities.  Todays metro areas are small and word travels fast through entities like the Better Business Bureau, Quad City Chamber of Commerce, internet reviews, social media, etc.

You’ll Only Cheat Someone Once

You’ll only cheat someone once and then you’ll never be trusted again.  So if a Quad City business intends to be around, like we have been for nearly two decades, you’ll have to adopt a long-term strategy for winning others over.  And cheating another person or business owner is a very poor strategy for any dumpster rental or garbage collection business.   There are some business, especially in the waste management industry, who insist that their customers sign a very one-sided contract for waste removal.  This gives the entire waste industry a bad name as  the contracts are often times self-renewing awn allow the garbage collection company to increase rates for waste removal beyond what the captive customer believes is fair.  That’s not how our company operates- We typically do business with folks who genuinely want out service and believe they’re getting a good value for money waste management system.

Discover The Dumpster Rental Quad Cities Difference

So if you or your company have been taken advantage of by another waste removal firm, call us to discover the difference.  Our service is second to none and our prices aren’t the lowest, but we believe they’re fair.  We typically operate off of very short-term contracts which are meant to clarify the obligations of both parties- Not lock in our customers into to decades of service with a company they despise.

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